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Fleece on Earth

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Audra Morrison
Fleece on Earth

The splurge

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john's sock
Several years ago I traded my Schacht single treadle and my beloved Louet S-10 (my first wheel) for a Schacht double-treadle. The Louet was a delight to learn on and the only real reason I moved to a Schacht was because I was spinning finer and finer. But I've regretted selling the Louet, because for sheer mindless spinning joy, and especially for plying, it couldn't be beat. (I've never successfully attained a rhythm for Navajo plying on either Schacht, and on the Louet it was... simple.)

Mind you, it was not a bad trade, and I love the Schacht double treadle, but ever since the Louet left I have had a hole in my heart.

Since my husband bought me a new laptop for our anniversary and I don't have to worry about saving for one now, I went ahead and raided the laptop fund for a used Louet S-10 from the Netherlands on eBay.

It's been in customs since Jul 29. I am obsessively hitting refresh on the USPS page. I want it *so* badly.

Gmail seems to understand this: I got an ad for the following website today while I was clicking on the email with the tracking number. And I *want*! I love BF Leic! It's second only to Romney hogget in my sheer joy of spinning love! (Not counting silk caps, of course.)


::clicks refresh again::

PS: I've also finished the Shepherds Socks socks for my friend in Minnesota. Will hopefully have pics soon.
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