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Fleece on Earth

If a tree fell in Ohio

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Audra Morrison
Fleece on Earth

If a tree fell in Ohio

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We got hit by the hurricane - all the way in Cincinnati!

The upshot of this (it is fiber related, trust me) is that my mom "evacuated" us to her house about 30 miles away. She still had power, you see, and the kids did not have school.

She also has the dyeing stuff! So I finally got around to dyeing the yarn my friend asked me to dye for her from ArtFibers in San Francisco.

It didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped: neither of the skeins (alpaca and an angora/silk blend) took up the dye the way wool does. And although I didn't intend them to be similar/complementary, they sure turned out that way although I dyed each skein separately.

Pictures can be found here. You'll note quite a difference compared to my first dyeing attempts. I tried Jacquard Dyes this time; I think the ProChem One Shot are actually better dyes but they're also slightly more concentrated. The JD didn't leave a tinny taste in my mouth after dyeing, whereas the OneShot did. But it might be worth putting up with that for the intense colours. I'd like to buy more of this yarn and try it with the OneShots to see if the take up is better or the colour is more intense. Maybe when I win the lottery.


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