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Fleece on Earth

Let it begin with me

Audra Morrison
I'm the mother of two kids, wife to one husband and staff to five cats. We also have gerbils but I stopped asking the kids how many when we hit 19. (It was a pet-store mistake. The parents are no longer together. It's sad. Not.) My son's a junior this year at Walnut Hills and my daughter's in 8th grade at Springer School. Of the two of them, my daughter is the one who's taken to spinning and knitting, although my son was taught to knit. He's not detail-oriented. What can I say?

I've been knitting for 35 years, but only seriously since 1989, when my husband and I moved to Germany and I discovered (in no particular order) Elizabeth Zimmermann, continental knitting, and wonderful, wonderful WOOL yarn. In 1991 we moved back to the States and shortly thereafter I bought my first spinning wheel (a Louet S-10) and set of Indigo Hounds Viking combs. I taught adult non-credit knitting through the University of Cincinnati's Communiversity for several years after returning from Germany and singlehandedly addicted several tens of new knitters to the joy of knitting. It didn't pay well but it was a blast. I was also active on Compuserve in the mid-90s (74242,1612 - see? I still remember my ID!) and participated in several spinning and dyeing swaps, including a Kool-Aid dyeing swap and a rare-breeds swap, but then my kids kind of got older and I kind of had to get a full-time job. *sigh*

Fast forward to 2008. I'm still knitting like a maniac (a very very slow-knitting maniac) - mostly socks, lace, and Fair Isle/stranded knitting - but I've missed spinning so much that I raided the laptop fund recently and purchased a replacement Louet S-10.